Model Building
Morpheus13 produces handmade miniature scale models and dioramas to perform numerous functions. Our models can be used for film, television, commercial advertisements, promotional events, awards or just about any other application that requires a three dimensional representation. Most of our miniatures our made from polystyrene plastics, acrylics, resins and woods, but other materials are often utilized to meet various requirements.


Industrial Design and Prop Making
Morpheus13 can also design and fabricate scale and life size props. These props can be used in a variety of applications like Film and Theater . Props are invaluable when hands-on items are needed such as training scenarios. We can build props for you from provided reference materials or design props from your ideas and sketches. Like miniatures, props are built from plastics, woods and metal. For safety, foam props can be created for stunt scenes or applications that require dangerous items like swords or guns.



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